Finding Solace in the Stats

The statistics for someone getting married in their lifetime, at least once, is something close to 90%. That statistic doesn’t include the age range, but the majority of people in this world will get married at one point in their life. As a single 27 year-old with absolutely no prospects in sight, I try to keep this in mind when I think in the long term of my life. I would much prefer to get married while I’m still young, but I know that I will eventually get married barring some sort of early death.

I take comfort in these stats because I have a lot of things I still want to accomplish in my life such as living abroad, refurbishing my own house, living without roommates, owning a cute pup, and just being able to do whatever I like. I like the freedom to change my mind and figure out where I belong without having to deal with that person’s existential crisis. I have my own perpetual crisis to deal with!

The big problem I find with marrying young is that I have no idea what I want to do with my life still in broad terms. I would like to do so many things and it would be rude of me to tie someone else to my whims. I wouldn’t want someone to take backseat to my desires when I wouldn’t do the same for them. I tried that with TJ and after we broke up I realized that I was incredibly unfulfilled. It didn’t help that he wasn’t the most open and emotional person.

So as I continue to figure my shit out, I remind myself that one day I may actually get married. Until that time I can feed my every whim.


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